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While Cribl is a pretty new technology, we’ve already helped several of ourclients reduce their data analytic costs significantly by installing the platform.


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Our Familiarity with Splunk (and Other Data Analytics and Data Engineering Solutions) Allows Us to Deploy Cribl in Your Environment.

Reduce Costs of Your Data Analytics Platform

Worried about staggering (and increasing) data analytic costs?
You rely on your analytics platform as it provides tremendous value across your business units, and is central to your security and operations. But the cost of processing, analyzing and storing data in your preferred analytics platform is costing a fortune – and straining your IT infrastructure. And, maybe you’re worried about exceeding daily ingest maximums, and are using makeshift hacks to make it all fit – day after day.

By Shaping Your Data with Cribl, You Get All the Benefits of Your Data Analytics Platform While Controlling Your Costs.

Cribl Architecture

What Is Cribl?

Cribl is groundbreaking data engineering technology that allows users to collect, reduce, transform, and route machine data from anywhere, to anywhere.

By using Cribl to reduce, route and shape your data before it gets sent to your data analytics platform, you’ll reduce costs, improve performance and control your budget, without compromising on the value you’re getting from Splunk or impacting your compliance

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