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We’re uber-experienced certified Data consultants with a sprawling track record of delivering successful projects in Splunk and Cribl environment.

Some Impressive Results We’ve Helped Our Clients Achieve

As specialist IT consultants that spend 100% of our time focused on data. We know the leading technologies, like Splunk and Cribl, inside out. Cloud and on-premise. That’s why companies rely on us when they want their data management done right the first time, or they’re looking to improve their existing infrastructure and design. With deep technical expertise and an extensive track record, we’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy, delivering impeccable service – and being an enjoyable team to work with.

Years experience in IT
Years experience in Splunk

We helped a customer achieve PCI DSS certification by deploying Splunk

We helped a new financial services company achieve SOC operational status by deploying Splunk

We helped a major bank improve and reduce resolutions of end-user support tickets

Technologies We Work With

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Our Expert Team

Don't panic! We can solve your Splunk problems.

Derick Kotze, Co-Founder

Splunk Core Certified Consultant

As the company’s most senior guy, he’s spent most of his adult life in IT and cyber security. Derick’s tenacious commitment to doing things properly the first time round, along with his desire to truly listen, has earned him the loyal trust of clients Derrick’s next frontier is advancing the company’s data engineering capabilities through platforms like Cribl LogStream.

Brandon Friedman, Co-Founder

CISSP, Splunk Core Certified Consultant

As the company’s most senior Splunk consultant, Brandon lives, breathes and sleeps Splunk. WIth 20 years experience in the IT industry, and 13 years specialising in Information Security, he has extensive experience with Linux and other open source applications. His best part of the job? When client’s jaws drop after they see the powerful insights he’s helped them discover.

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